Viking Line Abp publishes final result of rights offering



Viking Abp Line STOCK EXCHANGE 28.12.2021 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Viking Abp Line publishes the final result of the rights offer

The end result of Viking Abp’s line (“Viking Line” or the “Company”) rights offer (the “Offer”) shows that 6,294,153 shares, corresponding to approximately 97.1% of the new shares offered (the “Offer Shares”) have were subscribed following the exercise of the right to subscribe. The remaining 185,847 Offer shares have been allocated to subscribers who have subscribed to Offer shares without subscription right. The subscription price was € 8.00 per Share of the Offer. Viking Line will receive approximately 51.8 million euros through the Offer before taking into account the transaction costs related to the Offer.

Attribution of Offer shares which were subscribed without a subscription right was made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Offer. Following the Offer, the total number of Company shares will increase by 6,480,000, from 10,800,000 to 17,280,000.

the Offer shares will be registered with the Finnish Commercial Register on or about December 29, 2021. The last day of trading of the provisional shares on Nasdaq Helsinki will be on or around December 28, 2021. The provisional shares will be grouped together with the existing shares of the Company on or about December 29, 2021. Trading in the Offer Shares is expected to begin on Nasdaq Helsinki on or around December 30, 2021.

the Offer shares will give their holders the right to possible dividends and other distributions of funds, if any, and to other rights of the shareholders of the Company after their registration with the Finnish Commercial Register and recorded in the register of shareholders of the Company kept by Euroclear Finland.

Nordea Abp Bank acts as the sole global coordinator and main manager of the offer. Hannes Snellman Avocats Ltée acts as legal advisor to the Company in connection with the Offer.

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