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The head of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko, noted that Indonesia already has a national strategy for artificial intelligence 2020-2045, which is an important step for the application of AI in Indonesia. Going forward, this should have a positive impact on the Indonesian economy. The national strategy for artificial intelligence, according to Laksana, is an effort by the Indonesian government to improve the use of advanced technologies, especially AI. These activities aim to increase efficiency and effectiveness in a variety of industries. BRIN also encourages mastery of AI for use in a variety of strategic areas.

This month, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) will showcase the latest developments and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in Indonesia through the Research Organization for Evaluation and technology application (OR PPT) and artificial intelligence research collaboration. and Innovation (KORIKA).

AI technology will be used to support strategic sectors such as agriculture, energy efficiency, cybersecurity and creative industries.

– Laksana Tri Handoko, manager, National Agency for Research and Innovation

President Joko Widodo has repeatedly asserted that “whoever controls AI will rule the world,” according to Hammam Riza, president of KORIKA. Therefore, many governments are striving to establish and publish a national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence.

The main objective of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence is to move from a government-driven axis to a demand-driven axis through partnership. The Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center (PIKA), which ultimately gave birth to KORIKA, was founded due to the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. Hammam added that his party is seeking to establish KORIKA, a flexible and trustworthy institution capable of forming a collaborative ecosystem to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence towards Indonesia’s 2045 vision.

KORIKA is an orchestral organization in the form of an association that promotes the formation of an environment favoring innovation in artificial intelligence. The goal is to establish and strengthen an Indonesian economy in step with global trends, such as digital, green and blue economies.

KORIKA founder Bambang PS Brodjonegoro went on to say, “Soon our lives will move towards society 5.0 where artificial intelligence is an important part. Mastering artificial intelligence in various fields is very important for Indonesia. Currently, we are starting to understand the use of AI in various fields, and many children across the country have spawned innovations based on AI. We hope that these innovations can later be used in the business world so that they can compete in national and global markets.

OpenGov Asia reported that Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Nadiem Makarim called for the simultaneous development of artificial intelligence and character intelligence on the part of its users and creators. The minister stressed that artificial intelligence has been in development for at least two decades and is now part of the daily life of the inhabitants of the country.

Administrative tasks, which are usually a burden on teachers during the accreditation application process, can now be made easier with technology. Education will also become more personal, as students will be able to develop according to their interests and skills. Makarim encouraged the students to develop not only their general intelligence, but also their character to face future challenges.

“The development of science and the global situation will accelerate the application of AI in various fields and have a massive impact on the world of work in the future. It will be inevitable and we cannot stop it, ”he noted.

The minister was convinced that AI will help in the future to solve various problems, including those facing educational institutions such as universities. According to him, AI will help the university to accelerate the quality of its institution and education, which is in line with the goal of Freedom Study – Freedom Campus.

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