UPSC civil services Prelims 2022: Paper analysis and unofficial answer key


UPSC Civil Service Examination 2022 Prelims: The 2022 UPSC Civil Service Examination (CSE) Prelims were held on Sunday, June 5 nationwide. Here is a post-exam analysis on the GS question paper by an expert. The unofficial answer key is at the bottom of the story.

* Questions related to the environment and science and technology dominated the questionnaire (31 questions). Emphasis was placed on IT and communication, as many questions were formulated from these areas

* Interestingly, the scope of using elimination techniques has been removed due to a new options model. For example, previously candidates had the option of arriving at an answer by eliminating one or two options

* This year, for at least 8 questions, instead of asking if 1 or 2 is correct or incorrect, the UPSC options were: only one pair is correctly matched, only 2 pairs are correctly matched, etc. This would have an impact on the cut

* History was another area of ​​interest where the focus was on Buddhism, Jainism, temples, literature and texts, the Mongols, early British expansion, constitutional history, revolutionaries, the Sangam literature, the Mauryan dynasty. Some of the questions can be described as difficult to answer

* Indian politics and economics questions were relatively easier than in previous years.

Current Affairs continued to be the focus of these topics as the UPSC asked about the Vice President, Attorney General of India, Bank and more.

* From Indian Polity 11 questions were asked. 16 questions were asked in economics. The 10 questions asked from Geography was a change from previous years. The questions were less conceptual and a mixture of factual and location-based questions were asked; and

* A jump was observed in the International Relations part of the CSE program (a total of 14 questions were asked). Questions about Afghanistan, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa were asked

Given the level of the questionnaire, the threshold should be between 90 and 95; above last year’s threshold (87.54 for the Gen category). Overall, the quiz can be considered relatively easier than last year, although some questions were moderate to difficult.

(Author Sarmad Mehraj shared this analysis on behalf of BYJU. Opinions expressed here are personal. The UPSC CSE answer key was also provided by BYJU)


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