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Professor Neville Wylie said: “It is wonderful to be able to attend this graduation ceremony which celebrates the partnership between the University of Stirling and the Singapore Institute of Management. Today we recognize the hard work and success of 99 students as they graduate, and it’s great to see them do it in person, surrounded by their peers and loved ones, something we all held dear. acquired three years ago.

“Our partnership with the Singapore Institute of Management continues to go from strength to strength and I am very pleased to be with some of our former international students today and congratulate them on joining our growing global network.”

The University of Stirling-SIM partnership currently offers five courses: BA Retail Marketing, BA Marketing, BA Sports Studies and Marketing, BA Events Management and BA Digital Media.

Graduate: Tsan Ming Kang.

Tsan Ming Kang, from Singapore, is today graduating with an honors bachelor’s degree in sports and marketing studies. After playing for the Singapore National Golf Team and studying at the Singapore Sports School for seven years, Tsan Ming grew up surrounded by and with a keen interest in all things active. Therefore, he was drawn to the specialist sports courses at the University of Stirling.

After studying for two years, 24-year-old Tsan Ming is looking forward to using the skills he developed during his studies as he embarks on a promising career as Marketing Manager at Tanah Merah Golf and Country Club.

Tsan Ming said, “What I enjoyed most about this course was the focus on the students and the teaching of lifelong practical skills outside of the classroom. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, who not only made the modules fun to learn, but went out of their way to guide us and expose us to important knowledge that can be used in the workplace.

“Outside of sports, I have a passion for digital marketing – this course taught me how to produce more trending, authentic and relevant content to hook and engage audiences. I learned important skills, such as graphic design, video editing, and web design, as well as soft skills such as leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and self-management.

Singapore Diploma 2022 - Wong Li Pin Adrene

Celebrations: Wong Li Pin.

Wong Li Pin, a graduate with an Honors degree in Event Management, was drawn to the University of Stirling course because of her interest in concerts and live events. When Wong Li graduated from her previous degree as the world went into lockdown, she decided to take advantage of the time she had to learn new knowledge and skills to better prepare for future challenges.

During his studies, 23-year-old Wong Li learned the importance of communication, maintaining expectations, and accepting and managing change as it occurs. In addition to her academic achievements, she learned valuable life skills that she says have prepared her for the world of work.

Wong Li said, “Besides the valuable knowledge imparted by my teachers in this course, I am grateful for the opportunities I had to learn and grow with my roommates. I now hope to find a sustainable job that I enjoy and that will also allow me to improve my skills and knowledge. The learning doesn’t stop at university!

Singapore Diploma 2022 - Foo Ming Li

Congratulations: Foo Ming Li.

Foo Ming Li, who studied BA Marketing, was also among the graduates and another Singapore native. Foo Ming was attracted to the course because of the excellent reputation of the University of Stirling and the interesting and varied curriculum on offer. During the two years she spent studying, 26-year-old Foo Ming completed two internships at a marketing and public relations agency, where she gained practical experience that complemented her college education.

Foo Ming said, “The connections I was able to make through this course program were of great value to me and allowed me to form friendships and relationships that I still cherish today.

“I also think that, in this particular course, the creative aspects are an attractive advantage. I think it’s important to have creative skills – especially in the marketing industry, where you often have to come up with creative content. I landed in a role after graduation and I aim to do my best and practice what I learned.

Singapore graduates join a Stirling alumni community of over 100,000 worldwide.


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