UNDP Global Internship 2022 for Graduates Worldwide


UNDP Global Internship 2022 for graduates worldwide. Apply now

When is the application deadline:

July 30, 2022 (Midnight New York, USA)

Tell me about the UNDP Global Internship:

UNDP is the development arm of the United Nations. Present in 170 countries with more than 17,000 people, UNDP works on the world’s greatest problems: extreme poverty, climate change, good governance, renewable energies, crisis prevention and the empowerment of women, among others.

The recently approved UNDP Strategic Plan 2022-2025 highlights the importance of digital as one of the key enablers for achieving UNDP’s mandate. The UNDP Digital Strategy 2022-2025 builds on the Strategic Plan and proposes a vision that digital is an empowering force for people and the planet, in which the implementation of digital public goods is a strategic priority. to enable globally inclusive digital ecosystems.

UNDP’s digital transformation focuses on developing the organization’s ability to leverage existing, emerging and future digital technologies and the opportunities they provide to profoundly improve the way UNDP creates and delivers value and benefits for those we serve; UNDP’s recently finalized Digital Strategy 2022-2025 guides these efforts and builds on UNDP’s wide range of digital initiatives spanning country, regional and global levels.

The Digital Transformation Intern position will be part of the team under the leadership of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

UNDP Global Internship Duties and Responsibilities

The interested candidate will work in one of the work streams mentioned below. Please indicate in your application which area of ​​work you have the most expertise and interest in and also complete this form Workflow interest form

Oorkstream 1: digital development

  • Help governments lead the development of their national digital transformation strategies, including project management and operational implementation with specific countries.
  • Support the continued development of products, tools and solutions to enable governments to implement practical initiatives that include the whole of society.
  • Support the translation of strategic direction and business objectives into holistic change strategies
  • Support work to make digital capacity building resources more accessible and usable for governments
  • Support the implementation of inclusive, equitable and secure digital public infrastructures and local digital ecosystems across the whole society transformation approach for technology layers, including the systemic role of digital public goods, strong responsibilities in governance frameworks around digital public goods and community engagement catalyze innovation and secure digital public infrastructure.
  • Support workaround management approach for high priority digital public goods use cases.
  • Document and organize a central repository of resources to enable more effective support to country office requests
  • Other duties as requested by the work area supervisor.

Oorkstream2: Thought leadership and knowledge management

  • Support for primary research and/or content review on digital topics such as inclusive connectivity, digital inclusion, ethical technology, etc.
  • Stakeholder mapping on the above topics at global/regional/local level to understand the landscape both internally and externally
  • Knowledge management by collecting and disseminating digital-related thinking produced across the organization
  • Internal coordination of thought leadership work with other UNDP units
  • Support thought leadership communications by developing digestible items (including but not limited to social media assets, blogs, talking points, briefing notes, etc.) from products of long acquaintance
  • Other duties as requested by the work area supervisor.

Workstream 3: Future Smart UNDP

  • Work on business process redesign to ensure business processes enable digital programming at UNDP.
  • Support the development and implementation of a digital skills program for all UNDP staff.
  • Help different offices respond to and adopt market, regulatory and process changes triggered by emerging digital technologies.
  • Design and deliver digital and data skills webinar “masterclasses” to expose UNDP staff to new thinking and knowledge.
  • Support activities to make UNDP a “data-driven organization”.
  • Other duties as requested by the work area supervisor.

Workstream 4: Internal Digital Communications

  • Support the communications team with content development, managing and updating internal communication channels like Yammer and Teams
  • Support the development and maintenance of the next CDO Intranet page, including the collection of all relevant resources from all CDO teams
  • Support in the organization of internal webinars and events, and other collaborative workspaces, including community outreach on internal UNDP platforms
  • Assist in the development of SOPs for internal communication practices as needed
  • Support the strategic planning of communications campaigns, including international UN days and corporate initiatives
  • Other duties as requested by the work area supervisor.

Workstream 5: Strategic partnerships

  • Keep track of partner engagement by attending meetings, tracking agreed actions, updating the CRM system with recent developments, etc.
  • Seek new potential partners, including but not limited to technology companies, foundations, nonprofits, alliances, etc.
  • Support the development of partnerships by drafting concept notes, proposals, presentations, project documents, memorandums of understanding (MoU), outreach materials and other documents.
  • Mapping of the global/regional/local partner ecosystem
  • Coordinate with other UNDP units such as BERA, regional offices, which would be relevant for partnership engagement
  • Provide support to country offices requesting a partnership-related service
  • Provide inputs for ongoing external engagement as needed
  • Other duties as requested by the work area supervisor

What type of scholarship is this?


Who can apply for a UNDP Global Internship?

Education and experience

Applicants must meet one of the following education requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a graduate program (second university degree or equivalent, or higher), or.
  • Be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree program (undergraduate; minimum bachelor’s level or equivalent); Where
  • Have completed a university degree (first university degree, or second university degree or equivalent, or higher) and, if selected, must begin the internship within one year of graduation.
  • Interest/experience in one of the work areas is desirable

How are candidates selected?

  • Account management: Interest and understanding of the customer-centric service delivery process, including procurement, logistics and/or finance.
  • Thinking innovatively: Look beyond conventional approaches and established methods
  • Problem solving: Has a hands-on proactive approach, even when working with limited information
  • Communication: Communicates effectively when working in a team and has a proactive attitude with a goal-oriented mindset.
  • Learn continuously: Proactively seek feedback, demonstrate a desire to learn from others as well as experiences, both positive and negative
  • Collaboration: Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Commit and associate: Demonstrate and encourage teamwork and co-creation internally and externally to achieve common goals and results

Other skills

  • Database management skills.
  • Detail oriented, preferably with previous experience in office administration and management.
  • Eager to learn new things and gradually adapt theory to practical work.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to deliver in a high pressure environment
  • Ability to manage complex situations and multiple responsibilities simultaneously, mixing long-term projects with the urgency of immediate demands.
  • Ability to collaborate and achieve actionable results
  • Excellent ability to multi-task in a high-demand, fast-paced work environment
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude

Which countries are eligible?

UNDP member countries

Where will the prize be taken?

From a distance

How many internships will be offered?


What is the benefit of the UNDP Global Internship?

  • In accordance with the UNDP Internship Policy, UNDP interns are eligible to receive a monthly stipend, the rate of which varies depending on the place of work. The stipend will be paid monthly and part-time internship arrangements are pro-rated accordingly.
  • Where an intern is financially supported by an institution, government or third party, UNDP will pay the intern, subject to the rules of such institution, government or third party, the difference, if any, between the external financial support provided and the applicable UNDP. processing.
  • Except for the stipend, all other expenses related to the internship will be the responsibility of the intern, sponsoring government or institutions.
  • UNDP accepts no liability for costs resulting from accidents and/or illness or death incurred during the internship.
  • The trainee must provide proof of membership in a health insurance plan.
  • Interns are not considered staff members and cannot represent UNDP in an official capacity.

How long will the program last?

3 Months (with possible extension)

Please note that the start date is negotiable. Please read the instructions carefully for completing your applications.

How to Apply for a UNDP Global Internship:

The application must contain:

  • Brief cover letter (in English)
  • A current and complete CV in English.
  • Fill in this form so that we also enter your contact details

*Please consolidate all your documents into one (1) PDF document as the system only allows you to upload one document at most.*

If a candidate is successfully selected, they will be asked to provide electronic versions of:

  • · Letter from his/her university confirming current enrollment and date of graduation.
  • · Letter of recommendation from a professor.
  • · Copy of their most recent transcript.
  • · a copy of the passport.
  • · a copy of the US visa if the intern is not a US citizen.
  • · Completed UNDP Internship Application Form.
  • · Signed UNDP internship agreement.
  • · Medical certificate of good health.
  • Copy of life insurance

Good luck!

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