Truleo partners with Frontline to streamline review, analysis and audit of police body cameras


Law enforcement is still struggling to keep up the overwhelming volume of data generated by police-worn cameras and less than 0.1% of images are actually analyzed. Truleo’s body camera analytics platform automatically transcribes and converts this data into professionalism and de-escalation metrics, commonly referred to as “Baseball Card Stats for Cops”.

Through integration with Frontline, Truleo customers can now highlight videos for further review and pass this information to Frontline’s QA tracker. QA Tracker allows supervisors to accurately and efficiently track and evaluate their agent’s performance metrics, such as those created by Truleo. The software can also flag agent gaps to help supervisors identify training opportunities.

“I am thrilled to work with innovative partners like Ben and the entire Frontline organization,” said Anthony Tasson, CEO of Truleo. “Having automated the review process, our law enforcement customers need a place to efficiently store and track officer performance metrics as well as record their BWC audit forms and Frontline is the market leader and the natural partner to choose.”

“Truleo is a game-changer. It allows our customers to fully transcribe and automate their BWC review process, so they now spend a fraction of the time reviewing videos,” said Ben Laird, president and co-founder of Frontline. “We are thrilled with the integration of this partner and believe the team and technology Anthony has built at Truleo is world class.”

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About Truleo
Truleo provides automated review and analysis of police body camera data. We enable law enforcement and local governments to gather actionable insights from the thousands of daily interactions captured by body-worn cameras (BWCs). Truleo examines conversations and interactions through proprietary models built by the top 1% of law enforcement. Truleo helps agencies mitigate risk, improve agent well-being, improve de-escalation techniques, reduce storage budgets, and dramatically improve their overall relationship with their community. To find out more, visit



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