SYRIA – CONSULTANCE: “THIRD PARTY MONITORING CDCS Project Jan 2022 – Dec 2022” – North-East Syria – Syrian Arab Republic


Start date: 01/09/2022

End date: 10/10/2022

Location : Northeast Syria

IN GENERAL on the project

Solidarités International (SI) and its implementing partner Concern Worldwide (CWW) now have a long presence in the NES, providing multiple services, from first aid to sustainable response. Concern is working hard to alleviate the suffering in northeast Syria. To do this, Concern provides a multi-sector package of support that includes food, clean water, livelihoods, education and protection services. This relates to both emergency and resilience building to build household capacity to respond to shocks in the Syrian context following man-made and natural disasters.

Through this project, the two partners are implementing the second phase of a project aimed at creating safe learning environments for schoolchildren and, at the same time, increasing employment opportunities for vulnerable young people. and in addition to creating social cohesion and well-being by rehabilitating community infrastructure. During Phase I which ended on November 30, 2021, fourteen schools were rehabilitated and now provide a safe learning environment for students in Raqqa and Hasakeh, and 358 boys and girls were enrolled in education services. non-formal education. This Phase II provides a comprehensive package for the rehabilitation of schools, targeting a total of 24 schools, as well as the delivery of formal and non-formal education activities, including teacher training activities for the rehabilitated schools and results. supporting education and vocational training, where appropriate.

. A third outcome was also added, aimed at rehabilitating community infrastructure to create safe spaces for children, women and their families.

purpose of THIRD PARTY Monitoring

Verify project results and ensure that the implementation on the ground corresponds to the implementation plan, strategy and technical specifications described in the project proposal.

More specifically, the TPM will be responsible for:

    • Direct observation and verification of the implementation and its process on site; – Monitoring and verification of SI and CWW activities in locations where SI or CWW have limited or no access – Beneficiary verification and feedback mechanism for accountability to beneficiaries in school rehabilitation, education activities and professional training – Provide objective evidence of work in the field, according to the SI and CWW response strategy and activity planning; – Analyze the situation, identify implementation challenges and – Provide recommendations to improve quality;

To note: School education, including the holiday schedule, should be taken into account in the status of the implementation and monitoring of project activities, if applicable.

Your profile

In general, the TPM consultant/consulting firm will combine the following criteria:

  • Solid and diversified experience in the Third Party Monitoring of humanitarian assistance activities and the management of information and information systems
  • Experience in monitoring interventions related to education, school rehabilitation and vocational training (preferably in an emergency context for reputable donor agencies and international organizations
  • Solid knowledge of data collection, analysis and protection
  • Experience managing surveillance mission in remote management settings
  • Working knowledge of English and excellent report writing,
  • Full working knowledge of Arabic and other local languages ​​such as Kurdish
  • Proven experience in conducting similar missions, especially in the NES.

Please find the terms of reference here: Tor

How to register

Interested applicants should submit their proposal using the following guidelines:

  • Cover letter – one page maximum

  • Technical Proposal – 4 pages including the following but not limited to

    • Relevant experience – Monitoring of interventions related to education, school rehabilitation and vocational training
    • Understanding of the mission
    • Methodology, sampling, tools and techniques proposed
    • Propose a clear timetable for the TPM
    • Approach for data collection, cleaning, analysis, frequencies
    • Propose a plan of
    • the investigation report
    • Composition of the team, their CVs and assigned roles in the survey
  • Financial proposal. Includes breakdown of costs such as consultant fees, training, fixed costs, travel and accommodation, etc.

  • Profile of the consultant/consulting firm:

    • Training and qualifications
    • Professional experience (if relevant for the consultancy, specific skills and/or specific contextual conditions)
    • Experience in TPM/evaluation/research
    • Experience in facilitating learning and participatory processes (in the case of a learning-oriented TPM/evaluation with co-construction of lessons learned and recommendations)
    • Knowledge of the country/area of ​​intervention
    • Required qualities
    • Languages
  • Sample copy of at least two similar assignments in previous jobs.

  • Reference: the subject of the email must be: “2711 CDCS – TPM – Request”. Any email with a different subject will not be considered.

Deposit application*: please contact for any questions from TORS and submit your application to [email protected]*


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