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Organizations use statistical data for a number of different applications. Many use it as a starting point for research or as a resource to make better trading decisions. Content is never more than a click away with the endless potential of the internet, but the challenge is to uncover the right information from the vast stack of data. While this is the case with external data, large enterprises also struggle to gain valuable insights from the huge volumes of internal data, primarily due to their segmented and siled mentality.

As the leading provider of market and consumer data since 2007, this is where Statista Q can help.

“Statista Q specializes in supporting clients in their search for relevant and meaningful information for their individual questions, helping them to optimize their business decision-making capabilities,” says Peter Kautz, MD of Statista Q.

Statista Q achieves this by gaining insight into the world’s largest source of business data, and many more that meet their needs. His overview and expertise in managing Big Data is essential in helping organizations separate relevant data from irrelevant data.

The Statista platform was founded to empower customers to make fact-based decisions. The world’s leading enterprise data platform with over 1 million statistics leveraging over 22,500 sources, Statista makes it easy for customers to access the right data when needed. It includes products such as the Global Consumer Survey, a global primary market research project in 55 countries with up to 1.7 million respondents, and Industry Market Outlook which provides in-depth market analysis. and forecasts for different sectors and countries.

Statista, with its in-house products, provides a solid foundation that supports customers’ business decision-making requirements. The company leverages its flagship platform to develop many tailored solutions and services that meet unique customer needs. For example, it offers a custom form of Statista’s data platform, Statista-as-a-Service. It is a bespoke solution designed to alleviate large enterprise challenges associated with internal knowledge management systems. Statista-as-a-Service saves time and research capacity by consolidating three sources into one platform. The search algorithm displays the most relevant results, making it a valuable single source of truth.

Statista Q has also developed a service called “AskStatista”, a personalized quick search service that responds to customer needs within hours.

Started as a small “Ask” button for each stat on the platform allowing a search query, it quickly grew into an independent business unit that performs short-term research and modeling projects. Many of these services are based on big data, which Statista Q can leverage to perform market research, market research, data analysis, and brand and consumer insights. Results are often provided in intuitively designed digital dashboards.

Statista Q is a customer-focused company that uses data science, data analytics, data visualization, machine learning, and NLP to empower business decisions. However, realizing that algorithms alone cannot do the job, the company is leveraging the right combination of technology and people. Statista Q has a diverse team of experts and believes that blending different heritages and cultures creates strong value as a global company. This helps the company to maintain close relationships with customers spread across multiple countries and accurately identify their needs, which is one of its main goals.

Statista Q specializes in supporting clients in their search for relevant and meaningful information for their individual questions, helping them to optimize their business decision-making capabilities.

Statista Q relies on its perfect suite of solutions and a dedicated team of experts, to cater to a broad customer base in terms of geography, industry and purpose. In one case, she worked with a leading manufacturer of home and garden products that needed a status quo on what customers thought about their products, their brand, and competitors’ products and brands. Statista Q answered this need with its proprietary Reqiew, an aspect-based review analysis tool. Using Reqiew, the company identified sentiment in reviews from online sales channels around the world relevant to the home and garden industry and analyzed it through machine learning. Using these sentiments, Reqiew provided information about products, services, customers and competitors.

These success stories demonstrate Statista Q’s ability to go above and beyond to help customers stay relevant and competitive in their respective industries. Going forward, the company is striving to discover new methodologies and ways to empower customer decisions with data while expanding its reach into other niches.


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