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Our finance blog not only publishes a variety of financial information. We offer relevant and useful materials in which we are trying to satisfy readers’ requests to the maximum.


How are we different from other publications:


How are we different from other publications:


  • we try to cover the topics in a language understandable for readers;
  • We support communication with readers (we answer questions in the comments).
  • we highlight our independent point of view;
  • considering this or that question, we provide practical recommendations;
  • We meet readers’ audience, covering topics of interest.

Our goal is to increase the readers’ financial literacy, informationally assist newcomers in a challenging financial world. Every year various financial topics are becoming more relevant, but it is not so easy to understand them on your own.

We try to provide all possible assistance, acting as a financial conductor. On our site you will find proven technologies, tips and tutorials that will help in achieving financial goals.


Our team

Our team


 Maxim Pogorelov – the founder of the site, an expert in finance and loans. Worked for 7 years in the bank. He has two higher educations: FINEK (St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance) and SPbPU (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great).

PS Constantly improve the financial literacy of both readers and their own. I am sharing my experience, helping with the choice of credit offers and additional banking services, I know the subtleties and nuances in drawing up a loan agreement.

 Elena Zheleznyak – site editor, expert in the field of mortgage loans and insurance. Graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow. She worked as a leading specialist of the corporate clients insurance department for 3 years, and also worked for 5 years as a mortgage lending manager at a bank. Currently, he leads sections of the site “Mortgage” and “Insurance”. Responds to user comments in the competence of his topic and is responsible for the literacy of materials.

 Natalia Kolbasina is a specialist in personal finance and business (headings “Business; Credit History; Maps”). Helps our readers improve financial literacy.


She graduated from Moscow State University – Faculty of Economics at the Department of “Finance and Credit”.


 Efim Ionov – web designer, artist. Responsible for the illustrations on the site and the graphic component.

Freelancer with experience, has practical skills in Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other graphics programs.

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