Sack Deloitte from testing and trace investigative role, says Labor


The Labor Party has called for audit firm Deloitte to be sacked from its role in preparing the NHS Test and Trace for a government investigation into the handling of the pandemic.

Deloitte has won contracts worth more than £ 280million to advise the government’s Covid-19 testing and traceability program, according to data provider Tussell. The Big Four auditor has now reportedly been appointed to advise Test and Trace on preparations for the government investigation into the pandemic.

Deloitte won a contract to create a ‘knowledge management system for public inquiry’, including an ‘evidence generation strategy’, Private detective reported in its November 12 edition.

“Deloitte has been paid hundreds of millions of pounds by Test and Trace, so it is clearly quite wrong that the company is then awarded a contract to mark its own homework and help prepare the strategy to deal with the problem. ‘public inquiry into the government’s mismanagement of the pandemic, including the failures of Test and Trace,’ wrote Labor deputy chief Angela Rayner in a November 12 letter to Cabinet Minister Steve Barclay.

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Deloitte and the Cabinet Office have been contacted for comment.

Rayner has requested termination of the contract with Deloitte due to “glaring conflicts of interest” between the Big Four company’s role on Test and Trace and its role in preparing for the investigation.

“Obtaining this contract is clearly a conflict of interest for Deloitte. Why does the government think it is appropriate for this company to mark its own homework and help prepare Test and Trace for the public inquiry? Said Rayner’s letter.

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Rayner also asked what work was covered by the contract with Deloitte, who made the decision to award the contract, and whether there had been any conflicts of interest regarding Deloitte being awarded contracts to perform Test and Trace.

Deloitte average profit per partner climbed to £ 854,000 in the year to 31 May, up from £ 731,000 the year before, in part due to his work in the public sector.

“Our most publicized project involved bringing together expertise from across our company to help design the National Testing Program – the largest diagnostic network in UK history. This ability has played a key role in reopening the UK economy after months of domestic restrictions, ”said Richard Houston, managing director and senior partner of Deloitte, in a statement when announcing the company’s results in September.

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