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PALATINE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Realizeit, the provider of the first AI-powered adaptive platform that personalizes learning for performance, has announced a suite of features to ensure continuous knowledge retention and skill mastery. Capacities address three critical needs for continuous learning, namely, verifying retention of knowledge at required levels, reinforcing knowledge through micro-learning activities, and updating knowledge as you go. changes.

Realizeit’s revolutionary approach triggers moments of automatic micro-learning using artificial intelligence (AI) that adapts to the needs of each learner. These learning moments include reviewing and reinforcing acquired knowledge, absorbing new knowledge, periodically updating knowledge to account for decay, and micro-assessments to verify knowledge retention. This personalized and intelligent learning capability provides training and development organizations with an effective, efficient, timely and manageable process to ensure that the knowledge and skills essential to professional performance are acquired, then maintained and sustained in a seamless process powered by AI to deliver maximum impact.

“All professional roles require a core set of knowledge that is important for optimal performance at work,” said Manoj Kulkarni, CEO of Realizeit. “Whether you’re in sales and need to know the details of your product or you’re in the warehouse where the latest safety procedures need to be checked, retaining and recalling accurate knowledge is essential for every individual in a professional role. However, these people are unique in what they know, how they learn, and the risks they can expose themselves and the organization to by not knowing or having incorrect information. With our adaptive and AI-based learning capability, we empower L&D teams with the power of an automated, intelligent system that can ensure that accurate, up-to-date knowledge is first learned and then retained with a optimal effort for each learner.”

About Realizeit

Realizeit helps the world’s largest organizations across industries deliver personalized training and learning at scale to impact individual and organizational performance. Known for its award-winning learning innovation technology, Realizeit provides a first-of-its-kind learning system based on adaptive intelligence that makes learning agile, effective, efficient and relevant for today’s workplace. today.

Brandon Hall recognized Realizeit as one of the most innovative and effective technologies in the AI ​​& Machine Learning and Learning Management Technology categories. To see personalized and seamless microlearning in action, request a demo at


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