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Among the most complex and at the same time the most beneficial solutions that currently exist on the loan market, there are consolidation loans. Despite the fact that this type of loan can be very helpful for many borrowers in Poland, statistical data indicate that only a small percentage of Poles can explain what a consolidation loan is and why this solution is very effective and recommended in some circumstances. We invite you to read carefully!

With us, you can consolidate your debts fast and online

Consolidation loan - the most important advantages

A payday loan consolidation through involves combining several cash advance loans into one. This alone is associated with many benefits. Namely: the point here is that instead of several installments we will have to pay back only one. In addition, the loan periods will be combined into one loan period. This enables consumers to plan their expenses more efficiently. However, the above-mentioned advantages are not enough. In addition, it is worth knowing that a consolidation loan is also financially beneficial for banks. This, in turn, means that customers can count on receiving additional facilities from these institutions. One of such amenities is the option of “picking up cash” mentioned earlier. Another possibility is the fact that in the case of consolidation loans the interest rate is reduced and the repayment period can be extended.

Consolidation loan – what is that?

Consolidation loan - what is that?

As the name of the service indicates, the consolidation loan is primarily used to combine several different loan commitments. In practice, this means that we combine several different loans that we have into one large loan. It is extremely common to take extra cash along with taking such a loan. However, this depends on whether we have adequate creditworthiness at the moment.

Only a few years ago, the option of consolidating various loan obligations was not available in the offer of many financial institutions operating on the Polish market. At the moment, the situation has changed significantly – consolidation loans are also available in non-bank companies’ offer on increasingly better terms.

This means that by combining four different loans into one instead

Four installments we will have to pay back only one, the amount of which will be lower than the sum of the previous four. The same repayment period may be extended by up to 20%. By taking out a loan, the consumer’s financial situation improves significantly, he is much better assessed by a bank or a loan company. This in turn means that we can then count on getting more amenities. These include the option of temporarily suspending loan installment repayments or increasing the loan amount.

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