New Study Finds People Leaders Lack The Training, Knowledge And Tools To Effectively Deal With Employee Problems



FLORHAM PARK, NJ, September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – HR acuity, the only technology platform specifically designed for employee relationship management and surveys, today announced the results of a recent study, Staff leaders and the gap in handling employee issues. The report, which includes data from 126 enterprise employee relations managers and nearly 700 people managers from a wide range of industries and company sizes, provides insight into how managers staff deal with employee issues such as policy violations, performance issues and behavioral issues. The report also reveals the impact of these issues on employee relations, employee experience, hybrid work, and the organization at large.

The main findings of the study include:

  • There is a general lack of trust and a wide gap in the perceptions of employee relations professionals and personnel leaders about the effectiveness with which employee issues are handled. Only 2% of emergency professionals are confident that their personnel managers have the skills to document employee affairs in an efficient and compliant manner. In comparison, half (52%) of people managers are very confident in knowing how to deal with employee concerns appropriately.
  • Even when they have educational resources, people managers still rely on manual and risky tactics to document and track employee issues. Eighty-five percent (85%) of employee relations managers provide personnel managers with multiple resources, including training, toolkits, self-service portals, and pre-built templates to guide them through management of employee issues. Yet 93% of HR managers use methods such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, and emails.
  • The use of technology apps and tools to track employee issues leads to increased trust in staff leaders by employee relations professionals, but few organizations are taking advantage of this technology. Only 7% of HR managers use technology tools or applications to manage employee issues. But when HR managers use technological tools to solve employee problems, the confidence of employee relations professionals in the capabilities of HR managers increases by more than 20 points.
  • Things are getting harder, not easier. People managers find dealing with employee issues in a remote work environment more difficult than they were in person. Sixty-five percent (65%) of people managers said they find it more difficult to deal with employee issues when working remotely and 51% are not convinced HR professionals / employees will help them manage employee issues. Personnel managers cited lack of face-to-face interaction, technical difficulties with making calls and accessing documents, and the inability to monitor employee behavior as some of the biggest challenges.

“This survey confirms the importance of enabling people managers to manage employee issues in a timely, consistent and thorough manner to build trust with employees and reduce organizational risk. As the first point of contact for employees, HR managers need the tools and training to easily manage, document, and track employee issues with consistency – and know when to involve employee relations, ”he said. said CEO and founder of HR Acuity Deb muller.

“Employers understand the value of a great employee experience, but they continue to struggle over how to empower the people closest to employees: human resources managers. Adopting technology that improves manager skills, ensures consistency, and provides visibility across the organization is critical to achieving these goals. ”

To download a full copy of the survey results, visit HR Acuity website here.

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