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Today, dozens of legal apps can optimize your billable hours and better manage your time. Cloud-based technology gives us access to remote customer service in real time. Make you more productive.

Here are ten top apps law firms are using to improve their bottom line and make it rain.


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Evernote is a leader in the legal industry. Use this powerful app to manage important dates and information to be more organized and productive.

Integrate your smartphone camera to remotely capture any document securely.

3. A Note

Microsoft OneNote helps lawyers access everything they need for business in one place. This powerful app lets you stay organized and collaborate with colleagues to keep everyone on the same page anywhere remotely.

4. Dictate + Connect

Dictate+Connect is the go-to mobile app for lawyers. Voice Recorder lets you turn your iPad into a dictation device that can be synced with several other apps. Simply save and sync testimonies and interrogations with your evidence.


5. One Drive

OneDrive seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Office suite protecting your data with cloud data storage that can be accessed remotely from your smartphone. Data is protected by Microsoft with multi-factor authentication that helps attorneys work faster and smarter with anyone inside or outside your organization.

6. Box

Box manages all of your legal processes, from finalizing highly sensitive M&A transactions to executing contracts. This powerful application gives your business the tools to be more efficient while meeting the highest privacy and compliance standards.

7. Drop box

Dropbox is a great application for lawyers to store their documents in the cloud. It has an easy-to-use interface and secures documents with the latest encryption technology to ensure that all your data is stored securely, protecting your customers’ privacy.

8. Google Drive

This cloud-based storage application increases productivity and efficiency by helping attorneys streamline processing, document review, appointment scheduling and more. Google Drive integrates with Google Docs, allowing you to easily edit documents right from your browser. This powerful application is used by major government agencies and organizations for collaboration.

9. iAnnotate

Highlight, draw, stamp, underline and more with the touch of a finger. iAnnotate lets you sync documents from multiple online sources like Dropbox and Google Drive, making document management even easier. This application is very secure and extremely flexible, allowing you to access documents from anywhere.

10. Fast case

Fastcase is the world’s largest free mobile legal library. It is a must-have app for lawyers practicing law outside of the office. Fastcase keeps track of time spent researching, tracking, and filling so you can spend more time engaging with your customers.


Demonstrate all of these apps to help your practice become more productive and efficient. Take advantage of these powerful cloud-based apps and make it rain!

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