Lucidea Affiliate Bailey Solutions Wins BIALL Supplier of the Year Award


Vancouver, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lucidea’s UK-based subsidiary, Bailey Solutions, won this year’s BIALL Supplier of the Year award. According to BIALL, the purpose of the Vendor of the Year award is to recognize outstanding best practices by a vendor or publisher in the field of legal information.

The Bailey Solutions team has spent the past year migrating all of its customers to new versions of their Library Management Software (LMS), a process accomplished with minimal cost implications.

In doing so, they provided high quality customer service before and during the data transfer, and after the implementation as people got used to their new systems. Bailey staff’s excellent communication and commitment to providing ongoing training support were noted in supporting their appointment. It was also noted that they resolve all issues quickly and efficiently. In short, Bailey Solutions is described as “an extremely proactive supplier who [is] a pleasure to work with”.

BIALL presented the 2022 Supplier of the Year award to Penny Bailey, who accepted it in recognition of her longstanding contribution to the industry, and on behalf of Bailey Solutions.

Lucidea CEO Ron Aspe offered his congratulations to Ms. Bailey, commenting that “We can all benefit from your example, and we are delighted to extend our continued business partnership.

About Lucidea:

Lucidea and its subsidiaries offer a comprehensive portfolio of market-leading knowledge management, ILS and CMS applications, including SydneyBusiness, GeniePlus, Presto, Argusand ArchiveEra; applications that provide unparalleled access to organizational knowledge, with solutions for businesses, law firms, government agencies, nonprofits, museums and archives, of all sizes and budgets, in the whole world.


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