LEJA Open House Attracts Over 200 Tri-State Students


MACOMB (WGEM) — On Tuesday, more than 200 students from all three states participated in a hands-on approach to see what the field of law enforcement and administration of justice (LEJA) has to offer.

Western Illinois University’s LEJA Day open house showed students blood spatter analysis, drone demonstrations, K-9 demonstrations, and crime scene sketches.

LEJA Professor Frank Schweitzer said the purpose of the event is to show and tell students that there is more to the LEJA field than “sworn law enforcement jobs”.

” They are [students] very enthusiastic, and a lot of what we have is hands-on, so we’re able to engage in the different kinds of techniques that we teach in college,” Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer also said good student turnout gives the university a better chance to market itself. In turn, he said that the increase in the number of students in the program could help fill the vacancies at LEJA in the years to come.

“They learn more about the different types of jobs that are out there,” Schweitzer said. “There are so many jobs that are not just the sworn part of law enforcement, but the crime scene jobs that exist, the support positions that are there for law enforcement. “

The open house also featured EMT/Paramedic demonstrations.

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