Is this the start of Fushiguro’s journey in the Culling game? Analysis and questions


TCBScans has just released the unofficial English translation of Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168, and Jujutsu kaisen The spoilers leaked in Chapter 168 were found to be correct.

Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168 focuses entirely on Fushiguro Megumi’s fight with Reggie and his accomplices, and raises several questions about the direction Fushiguro is taking. Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 168 is titled “Tokyo No. 1 Colony 8”.


Does Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 168 signify the decline of Fushiguro’s mental state?

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 167 Recap

In Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 167, Reggie insinuates that Kenjaku has more sinister plans for the Culling game based on the differences between the abilities of the players and the way they are distributed among the colonies. Kenjaku is seen in China negotiating with the authorities.

Megumi refuses Reggie’s request to join her team, an intruder with a ponytail attacks her, who the former throws out of the building with Nue’s help. Reggie, meanwhile, stabs the Black Divine Dog with two knives.

As Reggie warns Megumi that he can’t survive the slaughter game if he plans to not kill anyone, an eyeball falls near the latter and explodes.

Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168: Analysis

Megumi vs. Iori Hazenoki and Reggie Star

Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168 begins in Tokyo Colony # 2 by revealing that the person who dropped the eyeball is Hazenoki Iori, Reggie’s ally who has 35 points. As soon as the smoke clears, Megumi is seen injured but Remi, who was also within range of the explosion, attacks her with his scorpion hair that it can harden.

Megumi asks Reggie and Iori if they really care about Remi, when two receipts fly towards them and fill them with gasoline. Iori immediately sets them on fire by exploding a tooth. Megumi and Rémi take cover inside the building.

Reggie's combined gang has 104 points (Image via TCBScans)
Reggie’s gang combined has 104 points (Image via TCBScans)

Iori’s curse technique appears to allow her to explode any severed part of her body, which grows back after the severed portion explodes. Reggie’s curse technique allows him to transform any receipt into the item listed on that receipt.

This explains how he got the daggers he stabbed the Black Divine Dog with, and why he has so many receipts stuck to his clothes.

Reggie’s full name is Reggie Star, clearly a pun on “Register” because his Curse technique deals with receipts, and he has 41 points. The fate of the Black Divine Dog remains unknown in Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168.

Megumi vs. Rémi and Hari Chizuru

Jujutsu Kaisen 168 … Rémi, Rémi, Rémi. Where do we go from here? In the end, she’s just a girl who has been reluctantly dragged into this mess and is desperately trying to survive. Seeing how Megumi tries to protect her, she becomes an ally in the future.#JujutsuKaisen #JJK

Remi attacks Megumi again as he stands up, injuring him even more. She still believes Reggie will protect her as he promised, and Megumi seems to be fed up with her, making it clear to her that people who believe in words rather than action are scum in her eyes.

At that point, the guy in the ponytail shows up unharmed in Jujutsu kaisen chapter 168. His name is Hari Chizuru and he currently has 28 points. Megumi calculates that it will be difficult for her to fight four people alone.

It is reminiscent of the rule Yuuji convinced Higuruma to add to allow players to transfer points between themselves as it is announced as an addition. Megumi smiles upon hearing this, her faith in Yuuji manifesting itself. Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168.

Megumi's first murder (Image via TCBScans)
Megumi’s first kill (Image via TCBScans)

The ad momentarily distracts Hari, and Megumi throws him out of the building again. Jujutsu kaisen chapter 168, this time using his Max Elephant.

He follows Hari with Nue’s help as he stabs him with a cursed tool. Hari dies and Megumi gets 5 points. Reggie and Iori float using the umbrellas they got from one of Reggie’s receipts, and bemoan that Hari couldn’t show his curse technique.

Megumi’s first murder

Megumi shows no remorse for doing her first Kill in the Culling Game in Jujutsu kaisen chapter 168, thinking only of how to protect Tsumiki and those close to him.

As Megumi continues to believe in his allies, he seems terribly cold towards what he does, as long as he does it to face whatever stands between him and the safety of those he loves, namely his sister Tsumiki, his teacher Gojo Satoru, and his friend Itadori Yuuji.

Megumi has said once before that he’s not worried about getting his hands dirty, and it seems his mental state only worsened from that point on.

Takaba Fumihiko to Megumi’s Rescue

Next in Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168 Megumi now faces Reggie and Iori, and he is seriously injured. He decides not to use his domain extension because he cannot yet erect a barrier around it.

As Iori throws another tooth at Megumi, someone in a “Center Man” costume shows up and the tooth hits him but does not explode.

This is the comedian Takaba Fumihiko, who we saw in Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 146. He calls Iori and Reggie cowards for ganging up on Megumi and proclaims that no cowardly act can affect him. Interestingly, Takaba has 0 points.

Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168 ends with the announcement that Takaba has come to Megumi’s aid.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 168: Questions

Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168 raises three questions.

How has Takaba Fumihiko been since Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 146? Although his curse technique is still unknown, Takaba appears to have an effect that negates other curse techniques.

Hakari and Panda were supposed to be in Tokyo Colony No.2 looking for Angel. Were they sent to different settlements as they entered like Megumi and Yuuji, or are they in the area to help the first to Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168?

Will Megumi sink further into moral ambiguity?

Megumi and Remi (image via TCBScans, color: Prmasss)
Megumi and Remi (image via TCBScans, color: Prmasss)

Hopefully Akutami will answer these questions by Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 169. Readers can support the official release of Jujutsu kaisen Chapter 168 on and Manga Plus on Sunday, December 12.

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