Ignoring Arizona’s humiliation, ‘Stop the Steal’ rushes forward



“In states like OHIO where Trump won with massive margins, he probably won with even bigger margins without the cheating Democrats,” Josh Mandel, a Republican candidate for the Ohio Senate, noted on Twitter.

Democrats, voting rights advocates and moderate Republicans reacted to the release of the Arizona Election Report with a mixture of resignation and fury, calling the endeavor a waste of time, money and attention. But some darkly expressed their understanding that the tide of lies about the 2020 election would not abate.

Katie Hobbs, who as Democratic Secretary of State in Arizona forcefully rejected the exam, wrote in a fundraising appeal: “I wish I could tell you that I’m so excited to put this all to side, but I not naive. Ms Hobbs, a 2022 gubernatorial candidate, added: “I know far-right Republicans and conspiracy theorists will continue to pursue me regardless of the outcome.”

In some states where Republicans control the levers of government, the effort to undermine election confidence has been incorporated into official policy.

On Thursday evening, the Texas Secretary of State’s office said it will be reviewing the results of four major counties, three won by Mr. Biden and one carried by Mr. Trump. Pennsylvania lawmakers have searched for the personal information, including driver’s license numbers, of around seven million voters in a sprawling Republican scrutiny. And in Wisconsin, the Republican speaker of the state assembly called on a former conservative state Supreme Court judge to conduct an election inquiry – days after Mr. Trump threatened government leaders. State GOP of consequences if they did not act.

None of this was enough to satisfy Mr. Trump or his most ardent supporters.

In Wisconsin, a right-wing group called Rise Up, led by David A. Clarke Jr., a former Milwaukee County sheriff known for spreading conspiracy theories and wearing daring cowboy hats, has been carrying out a for months a public pressure on Republican lawmakers to conduct an Arizona-style review of state results in 2020.

But on Friday morning, after news of the Arizona report circulated for hours, the group sent out a warning to its supporters: “Arizona is either going to support our efforts in Wisconsin,” he wrote, “or this will make us become a dog with our tail between our legs and run for the hills!



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