Global Smart Home Healthcare Market Outlook to 2029


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Growing market demand for smart homes and living technologies will be shaped in the coming years by the expansion of smart living and smart city ideas, vertical and horizontal farming techniques used in indoor urban farming are expected to gain in popularity and healthcare providers prefer to create their own solutions, industry alliances can allow them to create therapeutic ecosystems that provide value at different stages of treatments.

These are some of the major market drivers. However, patient health security and privacy issues are expected to restrain the market growth.

By offering

Based on supply, the market is segmented into installation and repair, renovation and customization, services and solutions. In 2021, the installation and repair segment is expected to be the largest segment due to an increase in the number of technologically advanced smart home healthcare equipment which will increase the demand for skilled personnel to perform efficient installations and repairs.

By technology

On the basis of technology, the market is divided into wired system and wireless system. In 2021, the wireless systems segment is expected to be the largest segment due to the growing industry interest in creating technologically advanced devices and the increasing use of mobile gadgets related to tablets, smartphones and other portable telecommunications and computing devices via Bluetooth. .

By request

Based on application, the market is segmented into health monitoring, memory aid, nutrition/diet monitoring, fall detection and prevention, safety and security monitoring and other applications. In 2021, the fall detection and prevention segment is expected to be the largest segment due to the increasing number of accidents and injuries worldwide and the growing acceptance of automatic fall detection equipment.

Regional markets

In 2021, North America held the largest market share owing to the increasing occurrence of chronic diseases due to lifestyle changes and poor dietary habits are the major driver for the demand for smart devices for the home. The cost of health care is rising and the big players in the industry are firmly established in North America. However, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to experience the fastest growth over the projection period due to increased healthcare IT spending, the region’s large patient base and rising awareness. from the public to advanced wireless technologies for the smart home.

Overview of competitors

Some of the key players operating in the smart home healthcare market are Apple Inc. (USA), Companion Medical (USA), F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Switzerland), General Electric Company (USA), United States), Google LLC (United States), Health Care Originals (United States), Hocoma (Switzerland), Medical Guardian, LLC (United States), Medtronic (Ireland), Proteus Digital Health (United States), Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd (South Korea), VitalConnect (USA) and Zanthion (US).

Main topics covered:

1. Research methodology

2. Introduction: Smart Home Healthcare

3. Executive Summary

4. Market dynamics
4.1. Market factors
4.2. Market restriction
4.3. Market opportunities
4.4. Market trends
4.5. Market challenges

5. Analysis of the market environment
5.1. Porter’s 5 forces analysis
5.2. PESTEL analysis
5.3. Value chain analysis
5.4. SWOT analysis
5.5. Reference

6. COVID-19 Impact Analysis: Smart Home Healthcare Market
6.1. COVID-19: Overview
6.2. Impact of COVID-19 on the global market
6.3. Impact of COVID-19 on regional markets

7. Market analysis by offer
7.1. Installation and repair
7.1.1. Installation and Repair Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.2. Renovation and customization
7.2.1. Refurbishment and Customization Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.3. Services
7.3.1. Services Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
7.4. Solutions
7.4.1. Solutions Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)

8. Market Analysis by Technology
8.1. Wired system
8.1.1. Wireline System Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
8.2. wireless system
8.2.1. Wireless Systems Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)

9. Market Analysis by Application
9.1. Health monitoring
9.1.1. Health Monitoring Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.2. Checklist
9.2.1. Memory Aids Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.3. Nutrition/diet monitoring
9.3.1. Nutritional/Dietary Monitoring Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.4. Fall detection and prevention
9.4.1. Fall Detection and Prevention Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.5. Safety and Security Oversight
9.5.1. Safety and Security Monitoring Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)
9.6. Other Apps
9.6.1. Other Applications Market Forecast, 2021-2029 (USD Million)

10. Regional Market Analysis
10.1. Regional market trends
10.2. Regional market: comparative analysis

11. North America Smart Home Healthcare Market

12. Europe Smart Home Healthcare Market

13. Asia Pacific Smart Home Healthcare Market

14. Latin America Smart Home Healthcare Market

15. MEA Smart Home Healthcare Market

16. Competitor Analysis
16.1. Market share analysis, 2021 and 2029
16.2. Competitive mapping
16.3. Key Players Market Analysis
16.4. Main recent developments

17. Company Profiles
17.1. Apple Inc. (USA)
17.1.1. Company overview
17.1.2. Company presentation
17.1.3. Finance
17.1.4. Product Benchmarking
17.2. Medical Companion (US)
17.2.1. Company overview
17.2.2. Company presentation
17.2.3. Finance
17.2.4. Product Benchmarking
17.3. F. Hoffmann-La Roche SA (Switzerland)
17.3.1. Company overview
17.3.2. Company presentation
17.3.3. Finance
17.3.4. Product Benchmarking
17.4. General Electric Company (USA)
17.4.1. Company overview
17.4.2. Company presentation
17.4.3. Finance
17.4.4. Product Benchmarking
17.5. Google LLC (USA)
17.5.1. Company overview
17.5.2. Company presentation
17.5.3. Finance
17.5.4. Product Benchmarking
17.6. Healthcare Originals (US)
17.6.1. Company overview
17.6.2. Company presentation
17.6.3. Finance
17.6.4. Product Benchmarking
17.7. Hocoma (Switzerland)
17.7.1. Company overview
17.7.2. Company presentation
17.7.3. Finance
17.7.4. Product Benchmarking
17.8. Medical Guardian, LLC (USA)
17.8.1. Company overview
17.8.2. Company presentation
17.8.3. Finance
17.8.4. Product Benchmarking
17.9. Medtronic (Ireland)
17.9.1. Company overview
17.9.2. Company presentation
17.9.3. Finance
17.9.4. Product Benchmarking
17.10. Proteus Digital Health (USA)
17.10.1. Company overview
17.10.2. Company presentation
17.10.3. Finance
17.10.4. Product Benchmarking
17.11. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd (South Korea)
17.11.1. Company overview
17.11.2. Company presentation
17.11.3. Finance
17.11.4. Product Benchmarking
17.12. Vital Connect (US)
17.12.1. Company overview
17.12.2. Company presentation
17.12.3. Finance
17.12.4. Product Benchmarking
17.13. Zantion (USA)
17.13.1. Company overview
17.13.2. Company presentation
17.13.3. Finance
17.13.4. Product Benchmarking
17.14. Company 14
17.14.1. Company overview
17.14.2. Company presentation
17.14.3. Finance
17.14.4. Product Benchmarking
17.15. Company 15
17.15.1. Company overview
17.15.2. Company presentation
17.15.3. Finance
17.15.4. Product Benchmarking
17.16. Other top players

18. Conclusion

19. Recommendations

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