Getting promoted 3 times in 6 years: improving skills is the key to a logistics manager’s rapid rise through the ranks


Learning a new skill or upgrading one’s skills can lead to many professional benefits, including fulfilling employment and career progression. Ask Goh Shi En, 28, who is a shining example.

A strong believer in lifelong learning, Shi En credits her decision to pursue a specialist degree at Republic Polytechnic (RP) under the SkillsFuture (WSP) work-study program for the evolution of his career over the past six years. Shi En is currently COO of logistics company Toll Group.

Improve yourself to progress in your career

Shi En, a 2016 RP graduate with a degree in supply chain management, said deciding to go back to school was an easy choice.

“I have always been very interested in the logistics industry and have always wanted to learn more about supply chain processes, such as import and export handling processes and shipping processes. warehouse intralogistics,” Shi En joked, “In addition, Singapore has always been the leading logistics hub in Asia, and the logistics industry is a key contributor to Singapore’s economy. This has resulted in a strong demand for supply chain and logistics professionals in Singapore.

She enrolled in the RP Continuing Education Academy (RP ACE) in 2017 to pursue a Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management through WSP. The program allows recent polytechnic graduates to deepen their skills and knowledge through a structured work-study program that provides them with in-class training, while allowing them to further their careers at the same time.

“The 12-month WSP was a good opportunity for me to learn how to balance work, personal life and studies,” she shares.

“My company, Toll Group, supported me a lot in my studies. I was encouraged to improve my skills through programs such as a leadership training course and a course on ISO 9000. I was also involved in many bespoke projects in which I gained more knowledge on customer needs and the third-party logistics industry,” added Shi En. .

Shi En’s hard work paid off. During her six years with Toll Group, Shi En was promoted three times. She started as an operations supervisor, working under one of the company’s major accounts. As her skills developed, Shi En was promoted to Operations Manager, followed by Senior Operations Manager and Operations Manager earlier this year. In his current role, Shi En is responsible for his company’s overall warehouse operations, including resource and supplier management, safety and health operations, and technology applications. She used the knowledge gained during her specialist degree and credited course modules such as Warehouse Management and Operations and Inventory Management, for giving her the foundational knowledge that helped her. in his role transition.


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