Personal Loan For Debt Consolidation -Smarterdocuments.Com / Sun, 17 Nov 2019 08:53:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Consolidation loans bad credit -With us, you can consolidate your debts fast /payday-loan-debt-assistance-complaints/ /payday-loan-debt-assistance-complaints/#respond Sun, 17 Nov 2019 08:53:50 +0000 Read More]]> Among the most complex and at the same time the most beneficial solutions that currently exist on the loan market, there are consolidation loans. Despite the fact that this type of loan can be very helpful for many borrowers in Poland, statistical data indicate that only a small percentage of Poles can explain what a consolidation loan is and why this solution is very effective and recommended in some circumstances. We invite you to read carefully!

With us, you can consolidate your debts fast and online

Consolidation loan - the most important advantages

A payday loan consolidation through involves combining several cash advance loans into one. This alone is associated with many benefits. Namely: the point here is that instead of several installments we will have to pay back only one. In addition, the loan periods will be combined into one loan period. This enables consumers to plan their expenses more efficiently. However, the above-mentioned advantages are not enough. In addition, it is worth knowing that a consolidation loan is also financially beneficial for banks. This, in turn, means that customers can count on receiving additional facilities from these institutions. One of such amenities is the option of “picking up cash” mentioned earlier. Another possibility is the fact that in the case of consolidation loans the interest rate is reduced and the repayment period can be extended.

Consolidation loan – what is that?

Consolidation loan - what is that?

As the name of the service indicates, the consolidation loan is primarily used to combine several different loan commitments. In practice, this means that we combine several different loans that we have into one large loan. It is extremely common to take extra cash along with taking such a loan. However, this depends on whether we have adequate creditworthiness at the moment.

Only a few years ago, the option of consolidating various loan obligations was not available in the offer of many financial institutions operating on the Polish market. At the moment, the situation has changed significantly – consolidation loans are also available in non-bank companies’ offer on increasingly better terms.

This means that by combining four different loans into one instead

Four installments we will have to pay back only one, the amount of which will be lower than the sum of the previous four. The same repayment period may be extended by up to 20%. By taking out a loan, the consumer’s financial situation improves significantly, he is much better assessed by a bank or a loan company. This in turn means that we can then count on getting more amenities. These include the option of temporarily suspending loan installment repayments or increasing the loan amount.

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Amortization of Public Debt /amortization-of-public-debt/ /amortization-of-public-debt/#respond Fri, 14 Jun 2019 08:09:21 +0000 Read More]]>



The amortization of public debt is the return to maturity by the State of the capital that natural or legal persons have lent to it.



In general, when the public sector issues public debt , it has a maturity that will depend on the financing needs and that may be through Treasury bills , bonds and obligations of the state. The amortization of public debt can be due to several circumstances, either due to the mere repayment on maturity of the debt, or due to a general policy of reducing public indebtedness.


The amortization of public indebtedness is closely related to the nature of the bonds and obligations that the state has issued, so that it will only be returned in those government securities that are amortizable, that is, they have a specific and clear maturity, since they do not all public debt is amortized through the return of the principal borrowed, but the state is issuing coupons with which to pay interest on the principal, without it ever being returned. This is what is known as perpetual indebtedness.


The amortization of public debt as an instrument of monetary policy

The amortization of public debt as an instrument of monetary policy

The public debt is not only a way to finance the public needs and budgets of the administrations, but it is also an important element in terms of the monetary policy of the states. Through the issuance and amortization of public debt , the state can reduce or increase the monetary mass in the market:


In a situation of general inflation characterized by having excess money in the market, the state can issue public debt to reduce the money supply in the market and thus reduce the amount of money in circulation.

On the contrary, in a situation of deflation , the state must amortize public debt (buy securities) in order to flood the liquidity market with money.

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I have too many bills! Debt consolidation /i-have-too-many-bills-debt-consolidation/ /i-have-too-many-bills-debt-consolidation/#respond Mon, 10 Jun 2019 03:28:25 +0000 Read More]]>

Spending budget:

Spending budget:

Create a budget that tracks money coming in and out of the home. This will help you become more disciplined when you spend as it will help you control your spending so as to avoid increasing the credit card debt load.

There are many debt consolidation companies to choose from. You need to do your research and find out about them and their reliability. It is always better to compare different companies. Find out who offers the best solutions for your needs, and at what cost.

Loan for old loan

Loan for old loan

Secured loans are often the simplest loans to get due to the fact the lender has something to recover should by default. Lenders are still going to be picky, though. They will still be checking your finances and your credit. Even if they have that deposit or asset, it doesn’t mean they will automatically give you a loan.

First of all you need to do your research and make sure the house is worth what the seller is asking for it. You want to compare apples to apples. Look for houses in the surrounding area, which are the same amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, lot size, and have the same quality of services. This can be done by driving the area and looking for others to sell signs and doing research on the internet. Homes can be viewed on corporate real estate websites. Look for at least three comparable homes and talk to the seller about how they arrived at their asking price.

Secondly, you need to prioritize your bills. You should first worry about secured debt like mortgage and auto payments because if you get too far back, you can lose your property. As for unsecured debts, such as credit cards and medical bills, pay those with the highest interest rates first.

The problem with cheap loans is not that they are bad in nature. Rather, it is for the borrowers to benefit from them and do not fall within their adverse effects. If you can take a cautious and reserved approach to loans, it will help you. A needy person can take a loan from various sources in the UK loan market. There are construction companies, online lenders, high street banks, etc., which are known to provide good loan offers to a large part of society. If you have a good credit score, you can get cheap loans from these lenders.

The type of loan you are looking at will change your qualifications – fixed, adjustable or a low buy-in rate. You are looking for a term of fifteen, twenty or 30 years. You are buying an expensive home, in this case you will need a Jumbo loan. You can look at conventional financing, sub-prime financing, private creditors or a government guaranteed loan. The list of options is endless. If you are a first time buyer I would recommend looking at FHA home loans. If you are in the military, National Guard or Coast Guard take a look at VA loans.
This really aggravated me because of my background in the non-profit sector. There are hundreds of scammers who claim to have information on “free public contributions” claiming to get government free money that can be used to pay bills, inside credit repair alone, and never have to pay again.

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What Happens to the Deceased’s Credit Debt? /what-happens-to-the-deceaseds-credit-debt/ /what-happens-to-the-deceaseds-credit-debt/#respond Sun, 26 May 2019 02:35:23 +0000 Read More]]>

Existing credit debts of people who have lost their lives during taking out loans and paying debts take shape in different processes. If the person has taken out life insurance firstly, this debt can be covered by the insurance company. However, if such a move is taken into the payment scheme and the loan is transferred to the closest relatives of the person. That is the answer to those who wonder what happens to the deceased’s credit debt. It is deemed appropriate to cover the existing debt by the relatives of the person considered as first degree. Of course, at these stages you need to proceed by taking into consideration the main issues. So what happens to the deceased’s credit debt? Let’s examine together. However, in order to understand the subject in detail, we recommend that you read our article to the end.

However, there is a situation that everyone who uses credit knows that an insurance premium is collected from you while the loans are made. This premium collection is the condition that your credit is secured in case of death. When the scopes are examined according to the content of the insurance policy , the insurance company may even pay to the relatives of the person. We recommend that you read the rest of our article and review the insurance sections on our blog pages in order to learn these situations in detail. So what happens to the deceased’s credit debt ?


What happens to the deceased’s credit debt?

deceased credit

If the deceased’s credit debt arises , you should check to see if he or she has a life insurance policy . Because this will be one of the most important effects that will shape the course of the current debt. In particular, taking out life insurance during housing loan withdrawals will be regarded as a guarantee in a long-term debt repayment process. If such insurance exists, the death and reimbursement of the deceased shall be covered by the insurance company . but there is also a matter that we have already emphasized that if there is no life insurance, the current debt is transferred to the heirs of the deceased person.  


What should be considered in case of life insurance?

What should be considered in case of life insurance?

Life insurance is compulsory for credit withdrawals. However, it is an element that is generally recommended to be made in banks. This insurance; It is a compulsory insurance for housing, needs and cash loan requests. Because no one can deny the fact that he will eventually die. From this point of view, life insurance should be put in place in order to prevent the transfer of credit payment transactions to another person. However, in order for this insurance to enter into general operation, certain issues must be taken into consideration. Especially;  

  • Lack of suicidal and similar suspicion in the death of the debtor,
  • In cases where the credit holder has a life insurance policy and does not specify this disease, it will prevent the current insurance from going into operation.  

For this reason, in order to benefit from life insurance, it is essential to proceed by taking into consideration the main issues at all times. As we said, since life insurance is also mandatory when you take out a loan, it is very useful to first look into the insurance details.

Finally, the debts of the deceased can be transferred to the loan guarantor together with their relatives. The important thing here is the attitude of the person about the credit they have taken. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and other disasters can be the case of the disappearance of all loan debts of the person who lost his life.  

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Rental Investment for Retirement | Credit Loans /rental-investment-for-retirement-credit-loans/ /rental-investment-for-retirement-credit-loans/#respond Thu, 23 May 2019 08:18:49 +0000 Read More]]>




Rental investment is a relatively heavy investment. It’s a long-term commitment, which makes it accessible. It also refers to a retirement supplement.


Summary of the page

  • 1 The operation of the rental investment
  • 2 What to avoid
  • 3 Know when to start

 Rental real estate investment is thus an interesting alternative for an annuity.

The FCPI is a side of the rental real estate that allows to lift the management and maintenance obligations but keeping the potential for added value.


The operation of the rental investment


The operation of the rental investment


The purchase of housing is done by a mortgage and will then be rented.

Such a provision ensures a return of money to offset the payment of monthly installments of the loan. However, the sum is not always enough, therefore one must think of investing oneself personally.

When the repayments come to an end you still receive the rent, without paying the bank, which makes it an annuity that is complementary to your retirement.


What to avoid


What to avoid


An additional cash inflow however means that you will have more taxation even if the monthly payments are higher than the rents.

A preliminary calculation is thus to be made taking into account a reduction of 30% for a micro-land scheme. The real diet is another option. This allows the deduction of other interest on the loan on rental income.


Know when to start


Know when to start


If your retirement age is 65, the project should not start after 50 years for a loan over 15 years or after 55 if you can pay monthly payments over 10 years.



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Effective plan to pay your debts /effective-plan-to-pay-your-debts/ /effective-plan-to-pay-your-debts/#respond Fri, 17 May 2019 03:10:42 +0000 Read More]]> Debts, depending on the reason that led you to have them, can be a relief or a concern in your life.

However, they all have something in common: you must pay them on time

However, they all have something in common: you must pay them on time

Regardless of the reason that made you acquire a debt, you should keep in mind that compliance is the basis of success and no concern in this situation. However, we know that, like many of us, sometimes you are struck by the debts that you must cover and these accumulate causing great imbalance.

That is why today we want to share you with an effective plan that, if fulfilled perfectly, will help you out of trouble in less time than you think. Pay attention to the following information:

1- What is your saving capacity?


The first thing you should do is separate at least 10% of your monthly income. Do you think you can’t do it? Check how much you spend on ant spending such as morning coffees, cigarettes or going out with friends.

It’s not that you stop having fun, but you will have to make some sacrifices to achieve it.

2- Write all your debts


List all your liabilities. For each of them you must do the following operation: the amount of the debt between the monthly payment or the minimum payment. The result is the months it will take to settle the debt.

3- Hierarchy the debts detected

Put first the debt that requires the shortest time to pay according to the previous operation.

4- The solution

In the case of the number one debt, pay the minimum plus the 10% you managed to save with your spending cut. Repeat this step until you fully pay off your first debt. Meanwhile, it is very important that you do not suspend the minimum payment of the rest of your debts.

Although it is generally recommended to avoid the minimum payment to the maximum, in this case it is used under the assumption that you cannot make a larger payment.

5- Follow in order

Now that you no longer have the number one debt, you must go to the number two debt. To this liability you must allocate the minimum payment, plus the amount you made for debt one (minimum payment plus the 10% you obtained from your spending cut). Repeat this step until liquidated.

We also know that sometimes you need extra help that gives your income more fluidity, at that time our advice is that you acquire loans that really help you out of trouble, credits that you assume intelligently.

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To Redeem Mortgage, What Interest? | Bank Interest /to-redeem-mortgage-what-interest-bank-interest/ /to-redeem-mortgage-what-interest-bank-interest/#respond Sun, 14 Apr 2019 08:59:16 +0000 Read More]]>



Subscribe to a mortgage is a habit for the realization of a real estate project for individuals. When we talk about loans, it means that we also have to make repayments. Redeeming credit is a great way to reduce monthly payments. But, is it really advantageous? Discover what it really is.


Summary of the page

  • 1 Think before you redeem your credit
  • 2 Take into account the repayment term
  • 3 Think about the difference in rates
  • 4 What you need to do
  • 5 What are you going to do?


crédit immobilier 1024x606



Think before you redeem your credit


 Think before you redeem your credit


Redeeming your credit is an initiative that can be interesting. You have to think about your personal situation to avoid unpleasant surprises. A step that gives you the opportunity to know if buying back your credit is a good deal for you. You must know that the current situation is favorable for this type of operation. Real estate rates have been low for a few years. Thus, he is in favor of the operations aimed at repurchasing the credit.

Consider the repayment term

 Consider the repayment term

Even if redeeming your credit is advantageous for you, you must act with method. You have to think about the repayment term of your credit. In order for the redemption to be in your interest, it is necessary that the remaining term to make the repayments be 5 years. Moreover, the operation is more interesting when the repayment period reaches half of the total period.

Think about the rate difference

Think about the rate difference

Apart from the repayment term, you must also take into consideration the rate of your loan. It is necessary that it be higher than the rate applied on the market. The best is that it is 1 percentage point of the rate of the loan. The amount still to be repaid is also a criterion that you must take into account.


What you need to do

What you need to do

To find out if redeeming your credit is interesting for you, perform a simulated buyout credit . Simply fill in the information required to do the simulation. You must also take note of certain information of your loan such as the Annual Effective Rate, the amount of the monthly payment, the amount of the prepayment indemnity, the nominal rate , the total and remaining duration of the repayment as well as the total amount. and remaining to repay the loan. Once the information is in hand and the simulation done, make a comparison to find out the cost if you want to redeem your credit.

What are you going to do ?

What are you going to do ?

Realization of the credit redemption simulation can be done online or at a banking institution. Simulators can tell you about the financial benefits you can benefit from if you redeem your credit.

On the contrary, they can also inform you about the losses that await you. Some simulators simply give you the result of the simulation you did without the possibility to learn more. It’s up to you in this case to make the comparison. Note, you must redeem your credit if the result you get plays to your advantage. Take the time to think carefully to make the right decision.



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Site Editing / Information about Credits /site-editing-information-about-credits/ /site-editing-information-about-credits/#respond Thu, 11 Apr 2019 16:34:21 +0000 Read More]]>


Our finance blog not only publishes a variety of financial information. We offer relevant and useful materials in which we are trying to satisfy readers’ requests to the maximum.


How are we different from other publications:


How are we different from other publications:


  • we try to cover the topics in a language understandable for readers;
  • We support communication with readers (we answer questions in the comments).
  • we highlight our independent point of view;
  • considering this or that question, we provide practical recommendations;
  • We meet readers’ audience, covering topics of interest.

Our goal is to increase the readers’ financial literacy, informationally assist newcomers in a challenging financial world. Every year various financial topics are becoming more relevant, but it is not so easy to understand them on your own.

We try to provide all possible assistance, acting as a financial conductor. On our site you will find proven technologies, tips and tutorials that will help in achieving financial goals.


Our team

Our team


 Maxim Pogorelov – the founder of the site, an expert in finance and loans. Worked for 7 years in the bank. He has two higher educations: FINEK (St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance) and SPbPU (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great).

PS Constantly improve the financial literacy of both readers and their own. I am sharing my experience, helping with the choice of credit offers and additional banking services, I know the subtleties and nuances in drawing up a loan agreement.

 Elena Zheleznyak – site editor, expert in the field of mortgage loans and insurance. Graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow. She worked as a leading specialist of the corporate clients insurance department for 3 years, and also worked for 5 years as a mortgage lending manager at a bank. Currently, he leads sections of the site “Mortgage” and “Insurance”. Responds to user comments in the competence of his topic and is responsible for the literacy of materials.

 Natalia Kolbasina is a specialist in personal finance and business (headings “Business; Credit History; Maps”). Helps our readers improve financial literacy.


She graduated from Moscow State University – Faculty of Economics at the Department of “Finance and Credit”.


 Efim Ionov – web designer, artist. Responsible for the illustrations on the site and the graphic component.

Freelancer with experience, has practical skills in Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other graphics programs.

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