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In the February 2022 issue of the No-Till Farmer’s Conservation Tillage Guide, retired agricultural engineer Randall Reeder of Ohio State University and retired USDA soil scientist Don Reicosky shared survey results. they conducted to identify the most important works in no-till research and literature. The list of 30 scholarly books, articles and papers included 15 identified by North American scholars and 15 chosen by a global contingent. In this issue and in others to come, we will share summaries and highlights of some of this work. The full list, along with links to many individual works, is available at www.No-TillFarmer.com/TopResearchWorks.

Conquering the earth through 7,000 years

by Walter C. Lowdermilk, 1953.

In 1938, the Ministry of Agriculture sent Walter C. Lowdermilk (1888-1974), then deputy head of the Soil Conservation Service, on a tour of the Near East, North Africa, China, England, Holland , France and Italy.

Lowdermilk’s mission on this trip was to learn lessons about the land from countries that had farmed the land for centuries. These lessons, it was hoped, could be put to good use here in the United States to prevent the destruction and soil erosion that has accompanied the fall of civilization through the ages.

One of the first pieces on our no-till list, Conquering the earth through 7,000 years contains Lowdermilk’s reflections. In the introduction, he sets the tone for the 32-page booklet by noting that the actions of man on earth continue…


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