DealHQ Partners Announces Launch of 2021 Undergraduate Law Essay Competition



Wednesday September 22, 2021 / 06:00 PM / DealHQ Partners / Header Image Credit: DealHQ Partners

DealHQ Partners, an Africa-focused, business-focused commercial / boutique law firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, has announced the launch of its annual undergraduate law essay competition.

The competition is focused on driving youth conversations around emerging trends in the practice areas of the firm. In keeping with the firm’s deep commitment to knowledge management through engagement with stakeholders and active conversations that spawn solutions, influence business practices, drive policy changes and ultimately , deepen the performance of companies within its practice demographics. This competition is focused on promoting research and policy advocacy among undergraduate law students at Nigerian universities by providing a platform for the student community to effectively participate in economic and policy-driven reengineering. avant-garde and innovation which are synonymous with youth.

The subject of this year’s inaugural edition is – “AFCFTA: The Role of Law and Policy in the Competitiveness of Nigerian Businesses in Africa’s Single and Integrated MarketThe competition will deepen legal research on free trade policies in Africa among undergraduate law students. It is open to law students at levels 300-500 at Nigerian universities.

The competition opens on the 22sd of September and ends on the 6the October 2021. The finalists will win cash prizes as well as internship and mentoring opportunities with DealHQ partners and our partner institutions.

For more information on the Essay Contest and submission guidelines, visit the link below

* Strict adherence to submission guidelines is required, defective submissions will be disqualified.

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