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By pursuing a course in forensic science, qualified young people would be able to contribute to the justice delivery system. Jobs related to forensic science exist mainly in the government sector with private players slowly emerging, the horizon is expected to widen.

Speaking to Education Times, Riva Pocha, Assistant Coordinator and Principal Professor, Forensic Science Programs, St Xaviers College (Autonomous), Mumbai, said, “Forensic science as a field is further divided into many specializations such as forensic toxicology, forensic serology, forensic medicine. , forensic chemistry, ballistics, document analysis and cybercrime or digital forensics. The demand for cybercrime investigations and white collar investigations is on the rise, and as a result, students specializing in cybercrime, forensic accounting and document review will be in demand. Our forensic industry has a trained workforce, but its employment is not well organized. Job opportunities, especially related to conventional criminal investigations, largely belong to government agencies that are part of the justice delivery mechanism. ”


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“A career in forensic science seems to be very exciting and dramatic, but students are disillusioned when they have difficulty finding a job. Those who graduate with the intention of pursuing a forensic career in corporate crime will find opportunities at multinationals like PwC India and Ernst & Young India.

Neeta Raj Sharma, Dean and Additional Professor, School of Bioengineering and Biosciences, Lovely Professional University (LPU), Jalandhar, says: “The sophistication and advancement of forensic science would be a boon in tackling problems related to security. Forensic CCTV and face drawing techniques are of great importance in catching criminals. By cracking down on other crimes with the help of forensics, problems such as naxalism and insurgency can be eradicated. Most institutions offer a wide range of courses to train people. Collaboration with quality forensic laboratories would be of great help in nurturing budding forensic scientists. ”

After completing a course in forensic science, students can work in forensic laboratories, banks, multinationals, industries, hospitals and CBI and a host of other organizations. The average starting salary for forensic technicians varies between Rs 4-9 lakh per year.

Himanshu Khajuria, assistant professor at the Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences, said, “Forensic science plays a vital role in serious crime investigations. Courts frequently rely on forensic findings for breakthroughs in criminal cases. However, the lack of forensic infrastructure and the lack of qualified personnel negatively affect criminal case law in India. This leads to a mountain of backlog of court cases. A high-quality Bachelor of Science (H), Masters and Doctorate in Forensic Science is a must if we are to catch up with the rise of organized crime. The average salary generally starts from Rs 3.6 lakh per year and can go up to Rs 12 lakhs per year. Students can work in state and central forensic laboratories at different levels.


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