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Vincent Fabian Thomas (The Jakarta Post)

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Fri, March 18, 2022

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The Asian Development Bank (AfDB) said on Friday it would help Indonesia develop the new capital project in East Kalimantan, following the appointment of a former AfDB vice president as project supervisor. .

The assistance will include designing the city, assessing potential environmental and social impacts and mobilizing public and private sector finance to support development, the lender said in a statement.

“AfDB is pleased to help plan the historic relocation of Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to Nusantara,” said AfDB Vice President for East Asia, Southeast Asia and Pacific, Ahmed M. Saeed.

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The AfDB announcement came just a week after President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo inaugurated Bambang Susantono and Dhony Rahajoe as the head and deputy head, respectively, of the new capital authority, called Nusantara National Capital Authority. (NNCA).

Bambang was previously the AfDB’s Vice President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development. He assumed this position in 2015.

The city is envisioned by the president as a green and sustainable city, incorporating renewable energy as a power source and using electric vehicles. The concept aims to reflect its surroundings, which are mainly the tropical forests of Kalimantan.

AfDB’s Saeed said the first step was to organize an international conference to learn how other countries have handled the development of carbon neutral and inclusive cities.

“The development of a brand new city offers a unique opportunity to incorporate the latest thinking on what makes a city enjoyable and efficient in which to live, work and play. The AfDB will share lessons learned internationally to help the NNCA to design and finance the construction of the new capital.” said Said.

In response, NNCA chief Bambang thanked his former office’s offer to support the development of the new capital.

“There is considerable experience in creating carbon neutral and inclusive cities elsewhere, and we are keen to work with the AfDB to understand these experiences and incorporate lessons learned,” Bambang said in a statement.

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The NNCA plays a role in the planning and construction of the new capital, oversees the government’s transition to Nusantara and eventually becomes the city’s administrator, in accordance with the New Capital Law No. 3/2022, which has passed by the House of Representatives in January. .

The NNCA is also responsible for coordinating and consolidating all government departments and agencies to ensure smooth development.


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