5 Ways to Help Your Employees Work Effectively in a Fast-Growing Company


Efficiency leads to productivity, and productivity is the fuel that powers businesses of all sizes. For up-and-coming companies that don’t want to be held back because employees aren’t able to reach their full potential, planning ahead is key to avoiding this scenario.

So what options do ambitious startups have if they want to ensure that employees can work efficiently?

Use knowledge management tools

There are tons of knowledge management tools available today, and the idea is that by supporting how information is created, stored and accessed, it will be easier for staff to communicate, collaborate and learn about critical systems and processes .

Having a single repository for content will increase efficiency because when an employee needs to find vital information, they will instantly know where to look.

It also prevents information from being siled within a specific system, team or department, helping everything from day-to-day productivity to employee integration.

Empower employees

An employee should feel that you value their skills, level of experience, and expertise. If you try to oversee every part of your business operations at once, it can leave team members unsatisfied and is also incredibly inefficient.

It’s best to trust the people you hire and delegate tasks to them if necessary. This way there will be no wasted resources and morale will also improve.

Of course, you should delegate tasks based on the skills of the individual, so don’t hand them out haphazardly. Tactical delegation will optimize the operation of your fledgling business.

Recognize the power of remote work

Telecommuting has taken off and it is possible to offer team members the option of working remotely if it suits their preferences and schedules.

Simply put, it’s not efficient to have workers walking for hours every day to and from the office. Commuting takes a toll on everyone’s sanity, and if you take the commute out of the equation instead, team members will be more rested and ready to give it their all throughout the day.

Building towards unambiguous goals

Goal setting is an integral part of running a growing business, but that doesn’t mean that every goal you aim for has the same value.

Indeed, if a goal is too vague or unclear, its lack of clarity will lead to inefficiencies. Instead, you need to build towards milestones that employees not only know about, but can easily understand and appreciate.

In this context, it’s crucial that goals are measurable, because knowing the metrics that define failure or success will make it all the more satisfying when you cross that finish line.

Goals should also be realistic and within reach; Setting pie-in-the-sky goals may seem like a good motivational strategy, but if you keep failing to achieve it will be pretty demoralizing.

Encourage employees to work efficiently

Finally, if effective work is what you want to see from everyone on the team, you need to give them a reason to get up and do their jobs.

Obviously, a good old-fashioned combination of competitive salaries and the prospect of performance-related bonuses will still work well. However, modern workers also enjoy other perks, such as having plenty of paid time off available to them beyond the basics.

It is also necessary to provide visible support and recognize the contributions made by each employee. Don’t just assume their paycheck is enough to get them through the end of the week, but provide verbal and written assurances of their efforts.


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